What if I told you ‘It’s not your fault’ that every time you try to lose weight you fail?

What if I told you permanent weight loss is about more than just what you do in the kitchen or at the gym?

Would you want to know more?

Do any of these resonate with you…

  • I’ve lost count of how many programs I’ve started that failed
  • I know I need to get my weight off for my health
  • I don’t do activities I used to because of my weight
  • I shop online because I don’t like shopping in the ‘Woman’’ section
  • I don’t go swimming anymore because I don’t want to put on a swim suit
  • I start the day following my program and by the end of the day my will power is gone
  • I wear clothes that have no shape to hide my extra weight
  • My feet and/or back hurt at the end of the day
  • I don’t sleep well

Wouldn’t it be great to not have these issues any longer?  I can not only help you figure out the best way to eat for YOUR body to get your weight off, I can also help you understand why you have not been successful in the past.  You will learn how to deal with the underlying issues that are keeping you at you current weight.

Some of the things I can help you with are:

  • Tools to change your relationship with food so you stop emotional eating
  • Ways for overcoming urges to eat when you’re not hungry without using willpower
  • An understanding of what causes you to overeating
  • Tools to handle social & work situations without getting stressed
  • Coaching from someone who’s been in your shoes
  • A champion in your corner to help you celebrate the wins and overcome the obstacles

The best part is you get all this without leaving the comfort of your home.

We will have one-on-one sessions every week using Zoom from your computer or your phone.  You don’t have to worry about travel or traffic, you just log in and we can see each other like we were sitting at the table having coffee.

Some of the benefits you will get from this program are:

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