Why Diets Don’t Work – Part 3

In parts 1 & 2 of this series we talked about Hunger and Overhunger. 
Part 1 – How our thoughts may be creating feelings of hunger when we really aren’t hunger and our bodies don’t need fuel.
Part 2 – The role Insulin plays in causing Overhunger and keeps us from accessing the fat we already have on our bodies for fuel.
Now I want to help you understand Overdesire.
If we focus just on reducing or resisting overeating, we will not get to the root cause of the problem: Overdesire.
When we try to cut back on food to lose weight without addressing the issue of desire, we actually increase our desire for food.  And because willpower is a finite resource, this approach is not sustainable for most people.
We Overdesire food for three reasons:
     The first reason we Overdesire food is because our neurotransmitters are programmed to desire anything that gives a subtle, let alone a huge, dopamine hit in the pleasure centers of our brain.
Even when we eat healthy food, our body is rewarded with a healthy release of Dopamine.
This is natural and necessary to ensure our survival. However, when we eat concentrated foods that unnaturally release high levels of dopamine, we end up with much more desire than we need to sustain ourselves.
We then experience an overdesire and our brain creates an unwarranted sense of urgency and importance for food that leads to Overhunger and Overeating.
This is why, so often, we set out with the intention of not overeating, and then overdesire drives us to seemingly eat against our own will.   Some people know this as Binge eating.
The brain’s job is to seek pleasure as a survival mechanism.
Bur when pleasure is concentrated, then the brain’s motivation is accelerated and increased. Overriding this desire becomes a force of will when we don’t understand it.
Flour and sugar are concentrated foods that give a concentrated dopamine neurotransmitter response.  The more we eat these substances, the more we want them!
It’s a battle that most of us end up losing. When you combine this with the effect of insulin, it’s no wonder we struggle with weight loss.
      The second reason we Overdesire food is because we are being marketed to by food marketing experts all day every day.
Marketers understand the motivation of Overdesire.
Whether it’s a drug dealer selling coke or a manufacturer selling candy, they know that the more you get it the more you will want it. But they also know that you want to be healthy. If they can convince you that eating sugar is healthy, they have a business model that can’t lose.
They hide sugar & flour in foods and then market them to us as ’Healthy’.
If you read the labels you will see just how much sugar & flour you are consuming daily without even knowing it.
Here is a list of names used for Sugars that you want to avoid
Agave nectar
Polysaccharide Ribose
Barley malt syrup
Fruit juice concentrate
Rice syrup
Cane crystals
Corn sweetener              
Sorghum or sorghum
Corn syrup                     
High-fructose corn syrup
Crystalline fructose
Invert sugar
Dehydrated cane juice
Malt syrup
Turbinado sugar
Evaporated cane juice
    The third reason we Overdesire food is because we don’t know how to manage our emotionsour inability to process and manage our negative emotions, so we desire food as a way to escape and not feel.
We were never taught how to manage our brains and our emotions. We have negative thinking that is mostly unconscious and conditioned.  This thinking leads to negative emotions on a regular basis that we do our best to avoid.
We have far too many easy ways to avoid the pain of these emotions that have nothing to do with our survival. In fact, avoiding pain with false pleasure actually leads to more and more compounding pain.
When we feel stress, anxiety, or boredom we deal with it by overeating.
We get some momentary relief from this overeating with the taste and dopamine hit, but then we are right back into our negative emotions and now we have the added negative consequences of weight gain and increased desire.
I could go into a lot more detail on the 3 reasons why we have Overdesire, but I don’t want your brain to explode.
Hopefully, by this point, you have a better understanding of why diets don’t work.
There are tools I teach my clients to help them overcome their Overhunger & Overdesire.
If you would like to learn more about these tools click this link to schedule a Free Consultation and let’s talk.  LifeCoachingWithHeidi.com