Why Diets Don’t Work – Part 2

In my last post we talked about the different kinds of hunger, the sensation of hunger vs. the thought of hunger.
Now we are ready to talk about Overhunger and what causes it.
People often overeat because they are not tuned in to their hunger signals.
To understand Overhunger you need to understand the roles the hormones Insulin, Leptin and Ghrelin play in your Overhunger.  And of these 3, Insulin is the most important.  Insulin causes Overhunger, let me explain why…
Insulin is the hormone that regulates your blood sugar. It’s a very, very good hormone and you want to have it in your body.  
However, too much insulin in the bloodstream is the primary cause of today’s obesity epidemic.
Insulin is a fat storage hormone.  Its job is to store fat.  When it’s present in our blood, we do not burn fat; we are in storage mode. The more insulin, the more storage, the more fat on our body. 
Here are 2 reasons why too much insulin causes overhunger.  The way your body lets you know you’re hungry is with the hormone Ghrelin, and the way your body lets you know you are full is with the hormone Leptin.  When they are working properly, you will feel hungry rarely and full often. But if you consume too much sugar and flour too often, these hormones can’t function properly.
When Insulin is low our body can access our fat stores for energy, that’s why I tell my clients the most important thing to eat when they are trying to lose weight is their own body fat!  When I feel a little hungry or my tummy rumbles I have a big glass of water and tell my body to dine in, take it off my butt!!
Every time we eat our Insulin levels go up and our body goes into fat storage mode.  

So if you are eating breakfast, lunch & dinner with a snack mid-morning, mid-afternoon and after dinner, you are in fat storage mode all day long so your body never has a chance to access your fat stores for fuel.  If this is your eating pattern you actually go to bed with more fat stored on your body than you had when you woke up this morning.  YIKES!!
And this is not the worst news.  The worst news is there are certain foods that cause our Insulin to skyrocket to levels our bodies are not designed to handle.  This takes hunger to a false level and drives us to eat beyond what is normal to fuel our bodies.
Take a minute to watch this great short video about Insulin.  It’s short and entertaining.
Flour & sugar make our Insulin go super high – Why?  Because they are concentrated foods that our bodies were not designed to handle.
And I’m talking about all flours & sugars, not just the white refined kinds, and that includes things like almond flour, honey, anything that is concentrated. 
If you want to lose weight you need to remove all concentrated foods from your diet.
Concentrated food, not occurring naturally with fiber, is a “no.”
Apple? Yes. Apple Juice? No.
There is so much more I could share on this subject, but I’m going to stop here for now.
Just remember to control your Overhunger you want to keep you Insulin low.
My next post will talk about Overdesire.
Until then, keep an eye on your thoughts, stop snacking, remove all concentrated food from your plate and you may just see the scale start to move down.
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