Which way are you going to accomplish your goals?

As a Life & Weight Coach I help my clients look at their thoughts and see how their thoughts are creating the results in their life, good or bad.  Part of this is helping them with their goals – To set them; to focus on them; to learn how their thinking can take them towards their goal or away from it. 
Are you familiar with the definition of insanity? – ‘Doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results’.  

Another way to say this is ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’.

So basically, if you have goals you don’t seem to be able to reach, something needs to change. By changing your thoughts your feelings will change that will cause your actions & behaviors to change that will change the results you are getting in your life.
I recently had an Aha moment around this. 

I realize I was thinking about getting to my goal instead of thinking about the goal from the perspective of the person I would be once I attained my goal.  Let me explain…
I’m reading a book called ‘Atomic Habits‘ by Jim Clear and he explains this so well.  There are three layers of  behavior change we go through to get to our goals, 3 levels where change occurs:
  1. Changing  your outcomes, getting to your goal
This focuses on the results: weight loss, quitting smoking, finding a new job
This is about what you get
  1. Changing your processes, the way you do things
This focuses on changing your habits & systems: new workout routine, new 
eating habits
This is about what you do
  1. Changing your identity, changes to your beliefs, your self-image, your world views
This focuses on your judgments about yourself & others from the perspective of already being the person who has achieved the goal
This is about what you believe
As Jim Clear explains, it’s not that one level is “better” or “worse” than another, all the levels are useful, but the problem lies in the directions you move through the levels to make the changes you need to make to bring about the positive changes & the results you want in your life.
Most people go from the outside in, they are focusing on changing their habits to get what they want – building Outcome-based habits.  Meaning they think about achieving the goal and what they will get and how they would feel. 
The other way to approach this is to act like they are already being at the goal, focusing on who they will become –  feeling and thinking like the new person – that thin person, that person who got the promotion, that person who is a non-smoker –  building Identity-based habits – they are taking action from the perspective of already being that person.  This is going from the inside out.
So the question to ask yourself is “Which way are you going to achieve your goals?” Are you the type of person who WANTS your goal or are you the type of person who IS being your goal?
I highly recommend this book if you want to build good habits and break bad ones and achieve your goals.
If you have goals you are working on or habits you want to change, I may be able to help you. Click this link to schedule a Free Mini Session and let’s talk.  LifeCoachingWithHeidi.com