How is your thinking making you feel?

How often do you have the thought:
  “If I just lose the weight, then I will feel________!” (Happy, confident, better)
  The secret to feeling _____ (happy, confident, better) is notin your weight loss…
…but in your mind!
You may feel some physical discomfort from carrying extra weight, but the mentaldiscomfort is not caused by your weight.
No one else will tell you this.
It’s not your body that causes your feelings…
Not the size of your tummy,
Or the size of your clothes.
It’s the thoughts you have about your body, the size of your tummy or the size of your clothes.
What youdecide to make those things mean about you, will dictate how you feel about you.
Think about this… When a woman is pregnant, the size of her tummy means she has a healthy baby growing inside her.
And thinking about that healthy baby may give her feelings like happy, proud, and grateful.
After the baby arrives, her thoughts about the size of her tummy may mean she is lazy, hopeless, and broken.
Isn’t that interesting?
Feeling better as you begin losing weight has nothing to do with the weight you are losing.
It has to do with your thoughts about the weight loss
Thoughts like:
  “I’m focusing on my health.”
  “I’m taking care of me in the best way possible.”
  ” I’m finally going to get this weight off for good.”
  “ I only fail if I quit.”
You feel better because you start thinking better
The BEST NEWS EVER is you control your thoughts.
You can lose weight and keep it off not just by making changes to your eating, but more importantly, by changing your thinking.
I’m a Certified Life and Weight Coach specializing in helping women over 50 with 50 or more pounds to lose.
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