3 Things to do to get the Scale Moving Down – The 1st thing…

The 1st thing…
There are so many programs & plans out there to help you lose that extra fat, and they probably all work if you follow them, but once you stop following them the pounds usually come back with friends.
There is no cookie cutter approach for everyone because we all burn calories differently and we all have different starting points and goals.
Because of this, I help my clients figure out what will work for them specifically.  I help the design the program that works for them and I help them manage their thinking to get the results they want.
I’m sure you have heard “the best work out program for you is the one that you will do!”
Well, my saying for your weight loss program is ‘Lose it the way you can Live it’. 
Meaning I help my clients design a program that becomes their lifestyle so they can not only lose the weight but keep it off permanently!!
It takes several weeks for my client to design their programs and start to make the lifestyle changes that will have a permanent impact on their weight.
Today I am going to tell you about the 1st thing…
#1  – Stop Snacking
Every time you eat your Insulin level goes up.  ‘So What?’ you say – well insulin is a fat storage hormone, so when your Insulin levels are high you are in ‘fat storage’ mode.  Your body will be using the energy from your food for fuel instead of accessing the fat you already have on your body for fuel.
So, if you have breakfast, then a mid-morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack, then dinner and a snack after dinner you are in fat storage mode all day long.  Your body will use some of the food as fuel, but since you have eaten way more than your body needs, the rest gets stored as fat!
So when you go to bed at night you will have more fat on your body than you did when you woke up this morning.  YIKES!!
By cutting out snacking your insulin levels get a chance to fall allowing your body can to access the fat you already have stored for fuel.
So the 1st thing I get my clients to do is to STOP SNACKING.
They eat 3 meals a day – like we used to do when we were growing up.
We would have breakfast, then go play till lunchtime, then have lunch, then go play till dinner, then go play till the street lights came on and then we went home to bed – 3 meals a day and we used up all the fuel we ate playing in between meals.
So to get on your way to turning back your scale, turn back your clocks and eat the way you did when you were a kid.
Tomorrow I will tell you about Thing #2…
Until then, if you would like to learn more about how to get your scale moving down click this link to schedule a Free Session and let’s talk.  LifeCoachingWithHeidi.com